Build an Avalanche of Momentum: The GOAL Snowball Method

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Goal Snowball Method

Are you ready for a simple strategy to achieve success in your goals? Much like a snowball that grows larger and gains momentum as it rolls down a hill, your goals can gather impressive progress through a simple yet powerful snowball method. Whatever your business goals are, this strategy is highly effective in helping you win.

What is the Snowball Method?

Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method for finances? His method encourages individuals to tackle their smallest debt first, creating momentum by securing wins quickly without feeling overwhelmed by the overall debt.

What makes his strategy successful? He realized that the highest-interest debt (although it is financially smart to pay off first) was not always the easiest to tackle. If a person’s highest interest debt was one of their largest debts, the thought of paying it off first could easily overwhelm them to the point of giving up. And if they give up, they do not win. Because of this, he focuses on the best strategy to get results. A strategy that creates momentum and confidence, empowering people to take control of their finances by winning from the smallest debt to the largest. By the time they get to the largest debt, they are ready to tackle it because they have accomplished all the others

And guess what? This principle applies beautifully to your goals.

What does it look like to do the Snowball Method on your Goals?

Step 1: Look at all your goals & prioritize which ones you focus on first

Grab your action plan and take a look at all your goals. (PS: if you do not have your goals written down, you can grab my free, quick, and easy goal-planning templates here.) Next, ask yourself the following questions about your goals:

  1. Which goals need to be accomplished before others can be tackled?
  2. Which goal would alleviate the most stress once you accomplish it?
  3. What goals can you accomplish NOW?
  4. Out of your goals, which are the least urgent to accomplish?

Based on these answers, go ahead and list your goals by priority.

Step 2: Identify your Snowflakes (AKA Baby Steps) for your first goal

Now that you know your first goal, break it into small, actionable steps. Dave Ramsey talks about Baby Steps in his Debt Freedom strategy. I apply the same thing to goals, except I call them snowflakes.

WARNING: If you do not take this step, your goals can “feel big” and overwhelming. This can lead to procrastination, holding you back from achieving your goals.

Just like a snowball is thousands of snowflakes packed together, think of the actions toward your goals as individual snowflakes. You want to know every single snowflake needed to build that snowball. To do this, break your goals down into the tiniest action steps. They should be so simple that it starts to feel silly to even write down such simple actions.

Once your goals are broken down into snowflakes, you will start to have simpler tasks that only take 5-10 minutes at a time. Once you realize these actions are quick and easy, your progress will build momentum as you cross them off your to-do list. In a nutshell- this helps you stop feeling paralyzed from staring at the bigger goals and gives you a strategy to roll up your sleeves and get to work even if you only have 10 minutes to spare.

Step 3: Collect those SnowFlakes!

Too many business owners lay out a strategy and then stop. I get it—the excitement wears off, and when we are our own boss, it can be hard to push ourselves to the level needed to accomplish our goals. So, I am going to encourage you to schedule your snowflakes!

At the beginning of every week look for snowflake opportunities! I love block scheduling where I can bulk build my snowball by accomplishing a lot of snowflakes in one sitting. BUT I also keep a list of actionable snowflakes in my planner for when I have an unexpected 10-15 minutes that get freed up. By having this list available I never waste time trying to decide what to do next. It allows me to constantly build momentum for my goals.

Step 4: Stay Focused on Winning—One Step at a Time

Do not get distracted! This snowball strategy might start feeling too easy, so you might start snowballing all your goals simultaneously. Try to avoid this! The more energy we take away from one goal, the less momentum we build. And the less momentum we build, the fewer wins we have to celebrate.

Note: Sometimes, it takes a lot of actions (snowflakes) before you start to see your snowball grow! But little by little, every action builds momentum. The larger your snowball grows with consistency in action, the faster it can pick up momentum in collecting more snowflakes. Every task completed is a testament to your commitment. Allow these victories to build momentum, no matter how small they seem.

Remember the Goal behind the Snowball Method

The goal is not merely to succeed – it’s to build a momentum of success that cannot be halted. By following the Goal Snowball method, each achievement propels you to the next, building an unstoppable force of accomplishment. You’re not just setting goals; you’re setting yourself up for an avalanche of wins.

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