How to Stay Focused On Your Goals

All Posts, Business Coaching, Success Strategies • April 1, 2024
How to stay focused on your goals blog post

Let’s be honest. When we first set our goals, it can be pure excitement and motivation. However, once life picks up pace, challenges emerge, and new business ideas beg for our attention, we often lose momentum in pursuing our initial goals. Learning to stay focused on your goals will be key to your overall business success. But as you know, sometimes that is easier said than done.

This is why I am sharing a simple 8-step strategy you can implement in your business to help you stay focused on your goals. Knowing you’re a busy mom, this strategy is not a new habit to add to your normal weekly routine. Instead, it is just an hour of your time every 90 days!

Why Should You Stay Focused On Your Goals with a Quarterly Refresh?

Now, I firmly believe in goal tracking every week and month, but there are certain things you can’t measure until enough time has passed. Doing a quarterly goal refresh allows you to stay focused on your goals because it gives you enough time to truly see what patterns are holding you back or pushing you forward. Plus you are going to burn out if you are constantly micromanaging your goals so having a 90 day focus helps to prevent that.

Simple Steps to Take to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Step 1: Measure Success

Begin reflecting over the past three months. Celebrate the milestones, no matter how small, and reflect on the strides you’ve made. Think of the progress like seeds planted; even if they haven’t sprouted yet, you’ve laid the groundwork for future success.

Step 2: Assess Actions

You’ve taken many actions and worn multiple hats, but now’s the moment to discern which actions served you well and which ones hold you back. Reflect on the roles you embraced and those you should have declined. This will help you shape where your prioritize your time over the next 90 days.

Step 3: Seasonal Changes

Personal seasons can easily change in 90 days, as can the industry you serve. Are the goals you set still in tune with the rhythm of the season? Decide if it’s time to sow different seeds, ones that flourish in your current season. It is okay if you need to adjust your goals due to outside circumstances.

Step 4: Adjust Deadlines

Deadlines are more than time limits; they help you stay on track. If your plans change, adjust your deadlines too. It’s not a setback; it’s an adjustment for success.

how to stay focused on your goals with a quarterly goal refresh

Step 5: Expectations

Your goals were born from expectations—visions of what could be. In the busy world of mompreneurship, have your goals changed? If they have, adjust your plans. It’s okay to explore new opportunities and put some goals on hold.

Tip: This might also mean that you change what you expect of yourself as you stay focused on winning your goals!

Step 6: Boundaries

While chasing dreams, it’s essential to remember not to let your goal-getting efforts replace your role as a mom or your self-care needs. You must also ensure that your ability to grow your business is not hindered by an unfair balance of having to be a mom all the time, leaving you little time to work on your business.

Reflect on the boundaries you’ve set between work and life. Have they held steady, or have they blurred? Ask yourself what you need to do to protect both roles over the next 90 days so you can stay focused on your goals.

Step 7: Value of Goal

Sometimes, we find ourselves working on goals that no longer align with our values or the future we are creating. Or we discover that the goal was not needed to accomplish what was necessary for success. Ensure your goals are still necessary and align with your WHY.

Step 8: Update Your Action Plan to Stay Focused On Your Goals

With all the insights you just gained, it is time for application! Update your business action plan so that you are set up for success over the next 90 days.

If you need an action plan template, grab these 3free goal-planning templates designed to help women like you stay focused on your goals.

Cheers to your continued success and the goals that propel you forward!

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