Spread Kindness like Confetti…in your Marriage

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Okay, ladies, I am sharing a big tip today! It works like a charm, and anyone can use it! I stumbled across it one day when I happened to be on the opposite end of the idea!

Picture this! I was sitting on the couch, frustrated with Gabe over miscommunication. He knew I was upset with him (not one of those waging wars and he has no idea scenarios). And what did he do with my frustration? He was extremely friendly (and cutesy) with me! I even told him to stop being nice because I was not finished being mad at him (I can be stubborn). So then, he decided to really top it off, by focusing on making me laugh! And it worked! I cracked up laughing! UGH, he wasn’t supposed to do that! But I am so glad he did!

I learned a marriage best practice from that day! A best practice that I love to use on Gabe now when the tables are turned! Anytime he gets a bit frustrated at me…I am extremely kind to him! You can’t stay mad at someone that is extremely nice right?!

Use your words to build your marriage up and not tear it down!

Fact: Words can make or break a marriage!

  • Your word choice, when speaking to your spouse, has a significant impact on your relationship health.
  • How you talk about your spouse to other…matters (even if you are just “venting”)!
  • How often you use words to speak positively or negatively will change your point of view (and other’s) about your spouse.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.”

Proverbs 31:26 NKJV

In this scripture, we see two strategies that our wife of noble character uses.

  1. She thinks and chooses to speak wisely vs. impulsively.
  2. She uses kind words.

This seems very simple, and I think we could all agree that a wife who does this will find more success in her marriage. However, it is not always easy to choose wisdom over impulse, and kindness over emotions. It takes a lot of skill and self-awareness to make kind words a habit. But I can promise you that if you choose wisely and speak kind words (especially in a heated moment), your marriage will benefit greatly from it!

Marriage is not always easy.

Although our choice of words cannot always change our situation, they can change our perspective!

Let your words create beauty within your marriage! Choose wisely and kindly…you won’t regret it!


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