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My bladder was calling again. Seven months pregnant,  I scooted to the edge of the bed in the wee hours of the morning. Popping one leg off the edge, I pointed my toes downward towards the carpet; and using my upper body, I did a slowwww motion roll out of bed. Pitter patter of feet on cold floor tile and this pregnant mommy was up. Counting  in my head how many times I had been called awake by Kahlia treating bladder as a trampoline.

Wobbling back to bed, now wide awake, my mind started to wonder as usual. I looked over at Gabe who was sleeping soundly, his bladder was trampoline free. In that moment I could have easily been envious of  his sleep. Or perhaps I could have  elbowed him as I sank back into bed (oops sorry honey), but that particular night I had a feeling of missing him. My pregnancy had not been the most enjoyable, and between work & mommy duty, I was always so tired. I suddenly and acutely realized that I was missing my energy and the pre-pregnant wife I had been. I started to think about how long it had been sine we had  been on a date. It had been WAY to long and  I was actually embarrassed. Looking over at Gabe that night I realized that the fun energetic wife he had known had been an emotional, nauseous mess the past few (okay maybe more than a few) months. I missed the energy and excitement to date my husband!

If you know me at all, you know that  I am a natural self- driven perfectionist  and I find myself desiring immediate perfection! So I jotted down some ideas on my phone and after a nights sleep (more like a night of naps) I started my journey to dating my husband every month for a year!

Let me start by saying…

I am a BIG project person.

Go BIG or go home.

So my stretch goal you might say was to create date activities that we had  never done before. My first place to look- GROUPON! (I am a value shopper, the more I save the more I can spend :D) By the end of my first day of planning I had 6 months worth of dates planned and paid for (kind of an impulse buyer as well, I am working on that). Now I was excited and I couldn’t just set the date up, I had to make it a surprise. Every month Gabe got a date night card. It was placed in common areas of the house or in the car, in places he couldn’t miss. Keeping the specifics of the date  a mystery was the fun part, as his invitation only included the date, time and what to wear.


This month will be our celebration month of one YEAR OF DATING! Eleven dates down and one more to go!


From late night  board games with fire roasted s’mores, to zip-lining over tigers & bears (oh my) we have had the most fun dates! One of the best things that happened during my pregnancy was remembering that no matter how crazy life may be, my husband should remain a priority. Setting a goal of monthly dates, making his invitations, and arranging for our two littles to have someone to watch them was worth every effort! Rather you are a newly wed, married for a decade, or half a century- I encourage you to take the One Year Challenge! Make memories, laugh, dream and just be Mr & Mrs.

Need help getting started?! Feel free to utilize my Date Planner! Download it for free One Year Dating Planner!


Zip Line Photo Credit: John Armstrong at Predator Zip Line, Out of Africa Wildlife Park


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