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All Posts, Wedding Planning • September 4, 2017

As I gently knocked on the door, camera in hand, I anxiously waited to meet Aubri, a talented wedding florist whose work I admire. It was during a styled maternity shoot when I first saw her work, it was love at first sight! A delicate floral crown, radiating brilliant blues, and peacock feathers that were all a part of her intricate design. These paired with a beautiful floral swing painted a burst of color to the dessert landscape. Oh the excitement- when I discovered she was in the wedding industry!

As Aubri joyfully opened her door and invited me into her world, her personality greeted me as colorful and beautiful as her florals! It feels like the hour we spent together flew by too fast! As I watched her creative process there was no question that she LOVES what she does! She ensures every floral has a designated spot to create the perfect arrangement. She loves being creative. So I would encourage any bride to freely share their ideas and to give her all the details for a seamless experience. With Aubri, a bride is left worry-free and with beautiful florals on her big day!

Aubri is easy to talk to! Any soon to be Mr & Mrs will be in fabulous hands with her, as she focuses on every last detail to ensure that her client’s vision comes to life! Check out my behind the scenes interview with Aubri when she so graciously opened up her home while I captured her creative process. I hope this will help you get to know the woman behind all the gorgeous florals that brighten up my Instagram feed!



Why should a bride consider real flowers for her big day?

“The flowers truly are an investment in your special day. Your flowers will be in every picture you look at for years to come. They will give life and aroma to a reception hall in the form of centerpieces or a focal point at the alter. They will brighten an aisle or liven up a difficult space. They can adorn a cake or a place setting. They will be the center of attention at the table. Let their natural beauty shine.”

If you could only give 1 piece of advice to couples when selecting their wedding day floral, what would it be?

“Don’t be afraid of color! Whites are not always the answer. Color can bring a life and vibrancy to your wedding that will make it shine.”

How soon before the wedding should they start their floral design process?

“Ideally when they have a date and location for the wedding. It’s always best to reserve the date far in advance so that it’s on my calendar. I try not to book more than 1-2 weddings a weekend. The base minimum amount of time I would need to do the florals for a wedding would be a month.”

Any tips you would like to share on how to preserve their arrangements after their big day?

“The flowers will likely last about a week if you trim the ends and keep them in water. You can add water to container arrangements as well. Changing water daily is also a plus. If you intend to preserve your bouquet dried, I have heard that Silica gel works well as a DIY way to preserve your bouquet and still maintain a lot of the vibrant colors.”


What do you love about working in the wedding industry?

“Weddings are my favorite events to do flowers for. Everyone is so excited to share in the love of a very special couple and the energy is contagious. Love truly is in the air when it comes to planning a wedding and it is so fun to be an integral part of creating “the look” for the event. I so enjoy seeing the photos of a bride looking down at her bouquet! I also love seeing the whole thing come together, especially when I get to use flowers for the bridal party, the wedding and reception! All the individual parts come together to create a spectacular one of a kind event that everyone is sure to remember forever.”


Your favorite part of working with the couples?

“Their reactions on wedding day! I love meeting with them at the beginning and trying to figure out what their perfect day would look like and then seeing it come to fruition. It is usually so much more than they could have imagined, that they are so thankful and excited to see everything come together. As a bride and groom you hope that all the individual puzzle pieces that you’ve planned for this perfect wedding day will fit and when they do, it’s a masterpiece of the both of you.”

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