5 FUN Food Facts About Me

All Posts, Meet Tialyn • June 26, 2017

Today my husband was standing next to the microwave making a bag of popcorn and he started to share how AMAZING of a cook I am, (and oh how I love when he compliments me) HOWEVER, his compliment was an opening line to deliver this statement “but you CANNOT make popcorn” bye-bye smile… HELLO raised eyebrows!


My 5 FUN food facts!


I can cook, and I LOVE to cook! HOWEVER, when it comes to the simplicity of making popcorn… I fail probably 1 out of every 4 bags (okay maybe its 50/50). But it is not my fault! The bag clearly states how many seconds between popping, and when I go to open the door I get two pops that are quicker than the stated time- creating a reason for me to over think it- so I normally get an under-popped bag (for fear of burning) OR a bag that is slightly burned… (because I over analyzed the pops)



I drink chocolate milk like others drink wine! Yip that’s right, after a long day at work or right before bed, I enjoy a nice cold glass!



I am addicted to sweet tea, but it has to be brewed hot with sugar added and then cooled over ice- or it isn’t the same!



I have ordered the same sandwich from Subway (in the same order for the toppings) since the 6th grade. I tried a different sandwich once and I regretted it. AND I am very particular that it goes on in the order I say it, however at the misfortune it doesn’t I am to ashamed to say anything and disappointedly pay for it knowing it does not taste the same… (Yes this might sound weird, BUT if you know what I mean, then we should be best friends!)



I LOVE food but play it safe with favorites (as you can probably tell by #4) BUT there is an amazing Italian Place, Alessia’s Ristorante Italiano, and every time my husband and I eat there, one of us order’s the special and the other chooses something from the menu we have not tried before. It is fun and completely worth it, as this place is phenomenal! (If you must know, yes it is home made, authentic Italian food and the customers service is FABULOUS!)



OKAY I know I said 5- But I like to surprise & delight so here is a BONUS: I prefer honey drizzled on my pancakes instead of syrup 😀


Now that you know some FUN food facts about me, I would love to read about some of yours! Feel free to comment below!






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