Business Growth: 5 Reasons You Feel “Stuck” In Your Business

All Posts, Business Coaching, Mindset • March 3, 2024
how to have business growth when you feel stuck

As a mompreneur, business growth is necessary but not always easy. It’s a journey of highs and lows and oftentimes can be slightly overwhelming. As a business coach for busy moms, I often see five common mistakes that hinder business growth, but don’t worry- I will give you some tips on how to fix them.

1. Your Mindset (The Ultimate Tool for Business Growth)

For mompreneurs, holding onto a fixed mindset can unintentionally reduce your full potential. Our minds love to tell stories, but sometimes, the stories we tell ourselves are not helpful for our business drive. It is too easy to think you “can’t do certain things” or reach “certain levels” within your business. These thoughts that might seem harmless cause you to procrastinate business tasks necessary for your business growth. I see this often with women who truly underestimate their value and abilities. Just because something “feels new or big” does not mean you can’t be successful.

The Fix: Have a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means you see challenges as ways to improve, you choose to learn from mistakes (not avoid them), and reach your full potential as a mompreneur. Changing your mindset isn’t just about business success;

it’s about believing you can adapt, grow, and thrive.

inspirational and motivational tip on growth mindset

Believe in your capabilities. Say “yes” to educated risks and try new things. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can achieve.

To take charge, examine your thoughts carefully. Pull out cognitive distortions that can often lead to making emotional choices. Stay logical in your decisions and focus on clear goals. Your mindset guides your business, so keep it strong and purposeful.

2: You are Operating as an Employee, Not as a CEO

We often become mompreneurs because we seek financial freedom or flexibility of time in ways that allow us to utilize our talents. What often begins as a side hustle ends up becoming a business. When coaching women, I often observe a common issue: while their business has grown beyond a hobby to a thriving business, their personal growth hasn’t kept the same pace. They find themselves in a CEO role, no longer just hobbyists, without realizing the shift.

Being unaware that you are the CEO of your own company can keep you in a frame of mind that holds you back from business growth. When the day-to-day tasks consume you, it’s like focusing on a single tree and missing the beauty of the entire forest. This approach not only limits your perspective but also the potential growth of your business. It’s important to look beyond your daily tasks and see the bigger picture of your business journey. Doing so allows you to strategize, innovate, and lead with vision.

Remember, every decision you make should contribute not just to the immediate needs but also to your business’s overall health and direction. It’s about finding the right balance between being in the trenches and overseeing the battle from the hill. This balance transforms your “employee” or “just a hobby” mindset into a CEO’s. Rising above the day-to-day and seeing the bigger picture is not just beneficial; it’s essential for sustained success and business growth.

The Fix: Elevate Your Role

In the daily rush, it’s easy to stick to the same old routine and forget about being a visionary leader. Make time weekly to think and plan like a CEO. Concentrate on important decisions and strategies that will shape your future. When you step into the CEO role, you will see chances for growth and spot things you need to let go of.

3: You Do Not Have An Action Plan Focused on Business Growth

When going somewhere you have never been, what do you typically need to arrive at your final destination? Apple Maps (or Google Maps), of course! Without maps, we would spend a lot of time going in the wrong direction. The same applies if your business does not have a map (AKA action plan) that focuses on business growth.

It’s not enough to just have a vision; you need to make it a tangible reality, which is why you need an action plan.

The Fix: Design a Roadmap to Success

Set clear goals for your business with detailed steps, then focus on them without distractions. A solid plan helps you stay on track while celebrating your achievements. Each action plan milestone you reach is progress toward business growth. I touch on action plans a bit more in my blog post: Achieving Business Success as a Busy Mom: 5 Practical Steps. Feel free to check it out after you finish reading this post.

easy action plans

4: You Avoid Networking or Finding Mentorship

Avoiding networking or shying away from seeking mentorship can significantly hinder your potential for business growth and success. Networking opens doors to new business opportunities and offers you a platform to share ideas, challenges, and success.

Mentorship, on the other hand, is invaluable; it provides you with guidance, wisdom, and insights from those who have already walked the path you’re on. I have never met a successful leader who has not sought advice and built relationships that propelled them forward.

The Fix: Cultivate Business Growth with Business Besties

If you are introverted, it is time to decide you will not let that hinder your business growth. Don’t isolate; instead, reach out, connect, and grow.

Your network is your net worth, and your willingness to learn and be mentored is the key to unlocking unimaginable business growth.

Your journey as an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Make connections that help you grow in your work and personal life. Attend events where you can work together with others, find mentors who push you to do better and connect with people who have similar goals.

And if you find your network is not enough to help you get the results you desire, hiring a business coach like me might be your next step!

5: You Might be Misjudging Your Business Growth Timeline

Setting unrealistic timelines for your business’s growth can lead to feelings of disappointment or burnout. As an entrepreneur, we tend to gauge our success on results. And if the results we desire do not come as soon as we thought they would, we can soon feel too discouraged. Sometimes, we feel so deflated that it is hard to stay motivated enough to continue down the path of consistency that our business needs.

This is especially dangerous for moms because when we spend time away from our families working in our businesses, we expect a positive rate of return on our time. And if we have unrealistic timelines, we assume we have wasted that precious time. Often time unrealistic expectations pave the way to what we assume are failures.

The Fix: Set Realistic Timeframes

Overnight success is a myth. To build a business, you must be consistent, patient, and realize it takes time. Be realistic about what it takes to grow your business. Celebrate progress and the actions you are taking, not just the results. Treat every smart move (big or small) as a win! Real success isn’t quick; it’s multiple layers of mistakes, learnings, and applications over multiple seasons.

Do you feel any of these areas are holding you back? If so add these areas to your action plan and remember…

You’re not just building a business—you’re sculpting a legacy.

Give yourself a little grace, stay consistent over time, and keep up the hard work- because you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

How to fix your business growth when you feel stuck

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