Are You Investing or Robbing Your Marriage? Proverbs 31:16

All Posts, Proverbs 31 Woman, The Wife Life • July 25, 2018
investing in your marriage

Okay, where are my impulse shoppers? Retail therapy anyone? Who is trying to keep up with what your best friend just got? This one is a BIG one! No matter what your financial situation is, considering how you are investing your money is key to being a wife worth far more than rubies! You can choose to invest in a way that robs your marriage, or profits it!

As most of us have probably heard, finances are one of the “leading causes for divorce.” However, it is less about “finances”, and more about communication, trust and respect with how we choose to spend our money. Continuing through our Proverbs 31 series, we are looking at what kind of spending habits our wife of noble character has.

“She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits she plants a vineyard.”

Proverbs 31:16 NKJV


The first two words are priceless in this verse, “she considers.” Not she saw it (online) and had to have it (thank you Amazon Prime). But, she considers! And she must of considered well, because she earned profits! I can’t help but think this investment had positive implications on her marriage.

Our generations own a “have to have it now” mentality, and that is dangerous in a marriage. Just look at the average statistics of credit card debt. Those impulse buys (or bad investments)…can do more damage, than just your credit score. They can start to take a toll on your marriage. Which is why it is critical that we are investing every dollar in a way that brings profit to our marriage.

We can do this by first considering our purchases. Do we need it? Why do I actually want this?

I recently found a piece of art that I love. It is rare for me to see an art piece that I find captivating. But if I get this piece, I would need to change our living room curtains. (Which after considering it, I am ready for a living room change! We have had the same curtains since we were married!) But, my readiness for a change does not justify the money needed to switch out the color of curtains in our living room! So here I am left dreaming of my wish I had living room.

What’s the win?

Both Gabe and I have financial goals in place. We are currently working towards paying off our student loans. Becoming debt free faster is way more important than those curtains!

It is in the best interest of our marriage to not purchase these curtains. Because when I finally get those curtains up (one day), I want to look at them knowing Gabe loves them too! And I can guarantee they would be the topic of many conversations if they were not purchased with the idea of profiting our marriage.

Not every purchase has to be extreme. It could be something as simple as a grabbing morning coffee to go vs. at home. Add up those small impulse spends over the course of a year, and you might find that you could have had enough money to invest in a lovely husband and wife vacation. This kind of spending self-discipline could be used to profit your marriage and not your 15 minutes of taste bud delight.

Investing for your marriage?

How do you choose to invest your finances? Is it robbing your marriage, or profiting it?



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