One Year Dating Planner! Date Your Husband Challenge

All Posts, The Wife Life • December 31, 2017
Dating Planner

Date-Your-Husband-free-plannerHello! So you are interested in dating your husband for a year?! You have stopped by the perfect place! If you are just now tagging along, check out my post where I talk about One Year of Dating My Husband! I was truly touched by the wives that had reached out from reading my post, which has led me to follow up with some planning tips and a simple dating planner that will assist you in your dating challenge- of dating your husband for a year!

Date Planning Tips

Planning & Researching:

  • Google dating ideas! Check out Groupon, post the topic on social media! A simple 20 minutes online researching will give you plenty of options!!! I get most of my stay at home date ideas from and of course searching board/card games on provided me with endless ideas to work with!
  • Decide what your budget will be for your year worth of dates. From simple at home date nights, to extreme date nights, there is always room to invest in your marriage.
  • Write out your date ideas, then fill in by month which date idea you will do during each month of the year.
  • Plan your dates 6-12 months in advance! (Please do not make it a month by month plan, or it will more than likely not happen! Life gets busy! We do not plan to fail but we do fail to plan!)

Selecting the actual day & time for your dates:

  • You will plan what dates will happen each month 6-12 months in advance, but it is best to wait until about a month in advance before you secure the actual day/time.
  • At the end of each month, I take 5 minutes to look over next month’s calendar and select the day/time that is best for us (unless the date is set in stone like a concert, and then we plan around it in advance).

Make it a surprise or a joint effort!

  • I always surprise my husband with a date night invitation the first of every month! You can also tag team dates where you plan 6 and he plans 6 (alternating months if you like).

Make it challenging!

  • If you feel like dating your husband every month for a year is to easy, then make it a little more interesting by planning dates that you and your husband have never done! From zip-lining over tigers, ballroom dance class or making pizza from scratch, setting a goal of NEW dates, is sure to keep things entertaining!

Be present on your date!

  • Stay off your phones during your dates. That is right, no Instagram story! Being mentally present during your date will be way more fulfilling for your marriage than posting photos on Facebook about your date! Feel free to take a photo at some point during the date, but please keep your focus on your husband and quality time.

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