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What to Look for: Touring Your Wedding Venue

Mar 26, 2019

If you want beautiful wedding day images, this is a must read before you book your venue! In this post we are sharing our wedding photographer’s perspective on what to look for while touring your venue! Keeping these little best kept secrets in mind, will get you one step closer to the beautiful wedding day images you have been dreaming of!

As a bride, your first few items on your to-do-list will be set a date, find a wedding planner, venue & photographer. 

And where most photographers wait to book brides until after they have secured a date with their venue, we do not want you to miss out on some need to knows for what to look for when venue touring. Going over this small list will help you find a venue that is not just perfect for your honored guests- but will guide you in booking a venue that creates the best backdrop for the images you want! 

What time of day should you tour your wedding venue? 

Ideally it is best to tour your preferred venues close to your ceremony time. I know this far in advance, you may not know your start time! But, you may have an idea of if you would like a brunch, afternoon, or evening wedding. (PS…If you are wanting to know your ideal ceremony start time, you can use our most popular post, “How to Determine Your Ceremony Start Time” to help you get started in that direction.)

What to look for on your venue tour?

Getting Ready Rooms: 

The first half of your wedding day, will be captured in your getting ready room. Things to consider:

  • Are there windows for natural light? (Not a deal-breaker as we can use flash, but we prefer to be as discrete as possible during candid moments so natural light is best if an option.)
  • Are the walls & floors colors you would love to have as the background of your getting ready images? (Also not a deal-breaker, as we can shoot staged getting ready images elsewhere on the property. But, if you want more authentic getting ready images, it is something to consider.)

Ceremony Site:

  • Is the background of your ceremony something you will want in your images? I know this sounds funny, but it happens often. Be sure on your venue tour to really consider what will be behind/beside you as you say your vows.
  • During ceremony times, is the light even on your ceremony site? Either in full shade or full sun?? Tip: Shade is best so you & your guest are not squinting during the entire ceremony. 

Husband and Wife Portrait Locations:

  • Do you have options on the property to move around for images at different locations?
  • Do these locations represent your personalities? Giving you the natural, architectural or color you want for your bride & groom portraits?

Wedding Reception:

  • Will there be restrictions on the type of exit you would like to have? Some venues do restrict sparkler exits. Be sure to see what kind of exits are allow. We want to make sure you get those wedding day exit images that you love!

We hope this list is helpful! And of course, if you are planning on being one of our future Arizona brides, we would love to share with you our venue recommendations! Feel free to reach out here for that list!

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