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May 23, 2018

Wedding Vows- How to Write your Wedding Vows

3 Tips to Writing Your Wedding Vows

tips for writing wedding vows

#1 Take Time to Write Your Wedding Vows

Do not wait to write your wedding vows until the last minute. I see couples write them, and even “wing it” on their big day. Next to the groom seeing his bride for the first time in her dress, the vows are the next most important part of your wedding day. Take your time over the span of your engagement to reflect on what you want to say to your fiancé on your wedding day. Keep notes in your phone on thoughts that pop up. Schedule some time weeks before your wedding to sit down and focus on writing your vows. (I have provided some great questions for thought starters below, along with a few templates.)

#2 Set Guidelines Together

Discuss with your fiancé guidelines for your vows. Are you okay with humor, inside jokes or would you prefer to keep it traditional? Are you okay with “borrowing” from inspiration or do you want to stay organic? Do you want to keep it short and sweet or should there be chapters within your mini novel?

#3 Remember What Wedding Vows are for

Wedding vows are exchanged to express intent, promise, and commitment of self to the other. It is communication that shows intent towards remain one through the test of time.

wedding vows template, how to write wedding vows

Great questions to reflect on when writing your vows.

  • How you met? 
  • What kind of spouse do you want to be?
  • What you admire in other marriages that you want in yours’?
  • What promises are important for your fiancé?
  • What do you want your marriage to look like 50 years from now?
  • Why did you decide to marry your fiancé?
  • What makes you the most excited to spend the rest of your life with your fiancé?
  • What is your promise to get through the hard times?
  • What do you promise to do, to celebrate the good times?
  • What are your three favorite traits your fiancé has?
  • What three traits does your fiancé bring out in you?


AND…. the best part!!!! Click on “How To Write Wedding Vows Template” below to get a free copy of these tips along with 3 templates to help you write your own vows!

Get your templates Here! How To Write Wedding Vows Template


You can find a plethora of inspiration on the internet for real vows and templates. They are great resources to read through and select bits and pieces that fit within the writing style best reflecting your personality. Just make certain that after your vows are written, they are yours…and will help to create a foundation in your marriage.


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