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Creating A Wedding Registry Guest Will Buy From

5 Tips to creating a wedding registry that guest will buy from!

1. Register where it is convenient for your guest!

Yes, it is okay to ask for gift cards & money for your honeymoon, but do not let that be your only option! Keep in mind the age of your guest. Are they online shoppers? What stores are easy for them to access? What stores do they enjoy shopping at. If you have been a wedding guest before, think about your thought process when gifting for the couple. You might have chosen a place that was easiest for you to shop at & a place you were already familiar with. Consider giving your guest a few different places to choose from. This will play a big role in your guest buying from your wedding registry.

Top Places to Register!

Top 4 Online:
The Knot

Top 4 Stores:
Bed Bath & Beyond
Crate & Barrel

Tip! Have 1 online and 2 in store registries to give your guest options, but not overwhelm them.

2. The Well Used Inventory!

See what you and your fiancé already have and use frequently. Anything that will not last another 5 years, or would be best to have upgraded, you should register for. Example: Linens, towels, cookware, vacuum ect.

3. Price Range & Variety

You will want a wide variety of pricing on your registry! The average wedding guest spends between $50-$150 on a gift for the newly weds. And it is popular for group wedding gifts, where guest combine their money to purchase larger items on the registry. For this reason you will want to cover a large scale of minimum to maximum pricing! You will also want to register for a lot of items (that you want) to give your guest options! A guest never wants to look at your registry last minute to see that the majority of the items in their price range has already been purchased!

4. Sprinkle items within your wedding registry that are FUN for guest to purchase!

Have you ever went shopping for a wedding gift? Sometimes it really is not all that fun because you are buying mundane items! If you can find items when you are shopping that really stand out to you & your fiancés personalities- register for it! If it is fun and something you would love then give your guest the options to gift it to you!

5. Announce where you are registered!

Put where you are registered on your invitations and any online wedding websites you are signed up with. Guest want to know where you are registered, so make it as easy as possible for them to find that information.


  • Enjoy the registry process! It can seem overwhelming but make it a weekend date where you and your fiancé can go and register in store & online!
  • Learn about all the freebies & discounts at the locations just will receive just for registering!
  • Don’t forget to register where stores/online has an easy return/exchange policy!

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