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Wedding Photos: How to Prep Your Wedding Party, Family, Minister & Details

Aug 12, 2018

Do you want gorgeous wedding photos that tell the story of your wedding from the beginning to the end? For brides looking to get the most out of your wedding photography experience, this blog post is for you! Much goes into planning a wedding. One thing that can quickly become overlooked is prepping for your wedding photos.

Today I am sharing simple tips for you to tackle the weeks leading up to your wedding. By the end of this post, you will know how to prep your wedding party, family, minister, and details! Follow these bits of advice, and the images from your wedding day will be everything that you imagined!

For wedding photos that are true to your Big Day…

wedding photos

…BEST advice to give at your rehearsal… SMILE!

  • Leverage your rehearsal to remind your wedding party and family to smile. Rather they are being escorted down the aisle or standing by your side, we want to capture the joy that surrounds your big day. We know they are so excited to share in your special day, and we would love for your photos to display that happiness!
  • Ask your family on the front row, to not be camera aware. Meaning- we look to capture your guests’ emotions naturally, to tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds. Many times when people know they are on camera, they will hide their feelings. Share with your “front row” guest in advance to forget the camera, not to hide their emotions and allow your day to be captured in its purest.


Want to love the wedding photos from your ceremony?

Need to knows for you Minister:

  • Everyone wants their first kiss as husband and wife to look fabulous! Speak to your officiant to see if he/she can step to the side during your first kiss! By stepping aside, the focus is- on you!
  • Remind your minister that since they are facing the audience (and camera) that their expression will be in the majority of your wedding pictures! I have seen beautiful images of bride & grooms pouring out their hearts, only to have the minister standing in the background with an (unintentional) unpleasant expression. Their expression can quickly turn a beautiful image into an undesirable one.
  • Ask your minister when he/she would like complete the signing of your marriage certificate. Some prefer immediately after and others stay for the reception. Knowing this in advance, helps the wedding photography timeline run smoothly.


Preparing The Little Things For Big Moments!

  • Order a custom clothes hanger or wooden hanger for your wedding dress. Please keep in mind, if you are ordering from Etsy look at times it takes to make & ship, so that your hanger makes it in time for your wedding. When we photograph your wedding dress, you will love the image so much more if the clothes hanger matches the elegance of your dress.
  • Gather any props for unique photos you have a vision for!
    • Tip: We want to ensure that we do not miss any idea you have for your wedding photos, so please be sure to let us know about unique images so that we can include those images within your timeline. (Like the image you see above.)
  • Make sure everyone you want in your photos, has access to your photography timeline and shotlist! I can almost promise you that your day will run behind if everyone is not sure where they need to be and when. If you do not have a wedding planner, you will want to find someone who can keep everyone on schedule.
  • The week before your wedding…Do NOT tan. No spray tan, no tanning bed, no lengthy time in the sun. I promise it is not worth it! You are beautiful just the way you are- please say this out loud, “I am beautiful just the way I am!” I promise you will maintain a natural glow on your big day, so please – leave the sun-glow and spray-glow behind! Attempting to create your ideal skin tone the week of your wedding is just not worth the risk of being red/orange. (This has happened to the most experienced tanners!)

The Details You May Not Think Of

All these beautiful detail images you see on Instagram and Pinterest, are not by accident. They are strategically planned. Telling the entire story of your wedding day starts with organization.  Gather up all your bridal & groom details the week of, and have them ready when we arrive. If it is important enough to be used on your wedding day, it is important enough for us to capture!

Not sure what all you need to gather up? Check out my bridal & groom detail list below! (PS you can have as little or even more than this list. What matters is we do not leave out any details that you want to be captured for your big day!)

Let Your Wedding Photos Tell Your Story From Start to Finish!

Prepping your Bride & Groom Details for your wedding photos

The Day Of Your Wedding

Keep your getting ready room clutter free! This saves time on the wedding day and allows us to focus on you and your wedding party at all times. To create beautiful images and stay bridal focused, we need a clean background. Make sure you have someone in charge in your bridal room to assist you in keeping the clutter clear. This person can serve you best if assigned ahead of time. Your rehearsal is the perfect time to find that person!


Dear beautiful bride of mine,

Each picture taken records a split moment in time, but when we put them all together- it becomes the first chapter in your legacy of love as husband and wife. I am so excited to join you on the day you’ve dreamed and planned! Honestly, I cannot wait to capture the beautiful wedding you have spent months working on, and the love that is leading you down the aisle.

Let Your Wedding Photos Tell Your Story From Start to Finish!

Are you currently a bride planning your wedding? Check out more wedding planning resources Here.


  1. So many amazing tips!! I’ve seen so many unintentional sour faces in wedding photos from guests totally not doing it on purpose. The gentle reminder to smile (even just slightly) will make a huge difference!

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