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January 8, 2018

Top 5 Uses for Your Engagement Photos!

Engagement Photos! Whether you are 2 months or 2 years from your wedding, it is never too early or too late for engagement photos!

If you are one of my brides, the great news is that you will have a COMPLIMENTARY ENGAGEMENT SESSION with any package! My gift to you! When I was a bride, I looked to eliminate “unnecessary” cost in my wedding budget. I figured since we would have wedding photos, it would not be a big deal to skip out on engagement photos. NEVER would I want my brides to make the same mistake I did! I still wish all these years later, that Gabe and I would have taken engagement photos capturing who we were, while we were still in the early chapters of our love story! So, it brings me great joy to treat my bride & groom to this complimentary session!

Engagement photos traditionally were taken to announce a couple’s engagement publicly (normally in the local paper). Now, with social media, the news of your engagement hits almost immediately for some brides! Through the years engagement photos have taken 5 main roles!

 Top 5 Engagement Photo Uses!

#1 Social Media!

Although the announcement of your engagement has already posted, your social media accounts will go crazy when you post your engagement photos! It is almost like an extended celebration of your actual announcement!

#2 Save the Dates

Engagement Photos are most popularly known now for Save the Dates! This option is great for brides that have out of town guest!

#3 Invitations & Thank You Cards

If you are a bride that loves specializing each wedding detail, personalizing your invitations & thank you cards with your engagement photos always adds a nice touch! (MOH wins big points here if she uses your photo on your wedding/bridal shower invites!) This also makes for a lovely keepsake for those on the receiving end!

#4 Use your Engagement Photos Decor/Guest Sign-in Book

Not just for your wedding, but bridal/wedding showers also make a great place to showcase your photos! One of my favorite uses for engagement photos is a guest sign-in book! Pictures transform your guest sign-in book into a treasured keepsake that you will love!

#5 Decor for Your Home!

The options are endless! From albums for friends and family to comb through when visiting, to a daily message of love, as you come through your front door to see your favorite photos featured on your walls! There is nothing more joyful for your home than your photos and the story they tell!

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