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D0 I need 2 wedding photographers

Do I Need Two Wedding Photographers?

May 7, 2019

When I was a bride, I was completely clueless when it came to wedding planning! All I knew for sure was who I was marrying, location and our wedding colors! I was so lucky that my wedding photographer was part of a husband and wife team! It gave me a first-hand look, as a bride, on why two wedding photographers are so important!

Since then, I have teamed up with so many wedding photographers, as a second shooter! Personally, I am 100% sold on the importance of having two photographers capturing your wedding day!

Of course for our brides, you already know that we are a husband and wife team. So two professional wedding photographers are already part of your experience…Happy Dance!!! However, if you are still searching for your wedding photographer, you will definitely want to consider booking a photographer with a second shooter! And here are 3 reasons you will be happy you made that choice!

Yes you do!

1. You get more time to relax because your timeline will not be rushed.

When you have one photographer, that needs to capture everything, you cannot have significant moments happening at the same time. Depending on what needs to be captured, having one photographer may extend your timeline and cost extra hours worth of coverage to make room for all events throughout your day. (This really is impacted when you have separate getting ready locations.) With a second shooter, you can have essential parts of the day photographed at the same time, or twice the speed!

2. You will get to see multiple points of view of your wedding!

Your lead photographer will focus on all the critical shots. While your second shooter can capture the other side of the story.

Examples of this: Both expressions captured during First Looks, your guests’ reactions during big moments, and let’s not forget the dance floor action!

This gives you two entirely different outlook on your wedding day, ensuring you can relive your wedding, without missing a single part of your story!

3. Your wedding day will run smoothly!

Not only are second shooters great for capturing the full emotion of your day, but they are also great at keeping the timeline running smoothly.

Having a second shooter with the groom throughout the day ensures that the men are running on time, while your lead photographer is with the bride ensuring the same.

And let’s not forget the lifesaver a second shooter is during family portraits! They are wonderful at gathering your family and getting everyone in order! Because let’s be honest- you do not want to miss out on your husband and wife portrait time because Aunt Sally had no clue she was in family formals.

And because we love you…here is a special bonus!

Having two photographers makes communication flawless! Second shooters are pros for running interference so the groom does not accidentally see the bride before their special moment! This takes away a lot of stress on brides as they move around the venue for portraits!

We hope you found this post useful! We know planning a wedding can be stressful! So kick up your feet, relax and take look around! We have plenty of wedding planning advice we would love to share! You can find our latest wedding planning posts HERE!

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