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The Secret Behind Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

Have you ever scrolled Instagram or Pinterest and seen beautiful getting ready images of a bride? I bet if you went back to look at those images, the one thing they would all have in common is…the bridal room was clutter free!

You will be the most beautiful bride- but your brightly colored bag of chips and tissue paper from your wedding shoe box will quickly steal your spotlight. On a wedding day, there are moments where we look to capture true candidness and then times where we place our brides in the best location to capture special details (like putting on her jewelry and shoes). We will work with your bridal party to get everything moved for the strategically placed images, but we do not want to forget the unexpected moments that can happen during your day. (Think about your mom surprising you with a unique heirloom gift. That is not an emotional moment that you really want your chips and salsa popping into.)

So how do you easily create a clean room filled with girls getting ready? We are happy you asked!

The Secret Behind Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

Getting Ready Wedding Images

  1. Talk to your maid of honor, or the extraordinarily organized and slightly OCD bridesmaid and put her in charge of it.
  2. We recommend if you have a closet, using it for all bags, purses, and wrappings from dresses/shoe boxes.
  3. If your getting ready room does not have a closet, the next best thing is a master bathroom. And of course if needed, the darkest corner of the getting ready room.
    Ensure after your hair & makeup artists have left, all makeup is put away (we recommend placing your touch up makeup a small bag that we can easily hide out of sight).
  4. Food! We all need it and love it in the getting ready rooms! And we encourage our bridal party to enjoy it as it’s a long day and you will need the fuel. We find that a side table or bar is best depending on the layout of your getting ready room.

And…if you are a bride who is highlight organized and wants to get started before we arrive… we wrote this last little bit for you!

Bridal Party Photos

Where not to put your clutter?

  1. On top of the bed. There are a lot of times we will use the bed for getting ready images. Sometimes for details, or sometimes for bridal party robe images.
  2. Next to a window. If there is a window in your getting ready room we will be using it.
  3. In the reflection of mirrors. We love those beautiful images of a bride looking into the mirror as she gets ready. So we will want to remove all the clutter that a mirror can spot.

We hope this post is put to good use on your wedding day! We promise…you will thank us later!

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