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HELLO MRS… Going Through The Name Change Process

Congrats! You are married and officially Mrs (your new last name)… Well, not exactly! Even though you are official, you still have a little paper work to go! Here is a checklist to get you started!

What you will need? Marriage license and previous ID (State issued or Driver’s License).

The order you will need to make changes:

  1. Social Security card sporting your new last name! You can go to the or check out the application Here! You will have to mail in the application or take it to your local Social Security office.
  2. If you are moving to a new address, you will want to complete a change of address through the post office. You can complete it online Here. (This can be completed last, but remember as you complete the next steps to utilize not only your new name, but your new address).Now you can get your updated driver’s license!!! (Yay another picture as Mrs… However this one will not look as fabulous as your wedding day photos!) You will need your new social security card, old ID and marriage license.
  3. Next to the bank! This would be a great time to combine your accounts (trust me, if you put it off you might end up finally combining 6 years later…that may or may not be my story). If you plan on spending money, your name needs to match your ID. Again you will need your new ID & marriage license.
  4. Now… comes the fun part (as if you were not already having fun…strike the sarcasm chord) ALL of your bills, credit cards, memberships, insurance (good time to add your husband as your beneficiary) and companies that send you mail, should be in your married name! Yip! Tackle a few a week and you will be golden. Pretty sure, I still have a few things in my maiden name, but you want to take care of the important stuff! Most name changes can be completed online, but keep in mind some companies (such as credit card companies) might require you to send proof of name change (copy of marriage license, and new ID)


If you are anything like me… you love checklist and tips! So here you go!

  • Marriage license
  • Social Security Card
  • ID
  • Bank
  • Anything else that has your name on it!


  • Follow the steps in order- trust me!
  • Change your name on each bill/membership on the payment/renewal due date OR set aside a few hours one week to complete all at once (and then schedule another hour the following month to complete any you may have forgotten)
  • Call your local post office to see if you need to fill out a name change slip. Sometimes they automatically send you your mail with your updated name, however my mail was “return to sender” when I first started receiving mail in my married name.
  • You have worked hard to get his last name… be sure to keep it! Follow my new Wife Life blog series, where I share a glance of my marriage and my life as a wife.


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