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You Popped The Question- Now What?

Apr 1, 2019

First… CONGRATS you just asked one of the most important questions of your life! You may have spent a lot of time, thought, and effort, in planning the proposal, that gave her a moment she will remember for a lifetime, but that was just the beginning. You just swung the door wide open to her DREAM! She gets to be MRS. (insert your last name here)!!!!

So what now? Please tell me you didn’t think you could ask the question, get the “Yes” and then see her at the alter- NOPE she NEEDS you!  Although she will have her MOH (maid of honor, don’t worry you will have all the labels down before the big day), she needs her true best friend- YOU!

So here are a few tips to help guide you to a happily ever after engagement.



At multiple times she is going to want to discuss the big day. The colors, the guest list, the songs & vows. She will need to vent about issues that arise and she will need you to be 100% present during the conversations. LISTEN to UNDERSTAND what she is saying & how she feels and I promise these conversations will turn out to be some of the best.

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This is your day too! Although she holds the spotlight, you hold her heart! She wants you to care on the color pallet, cake design, invitations, photographs, wedding registry and if you are having a sparkler exit… Remember she is asking you this because she wants this to be a day for both of you! PROMISE ME you will not answer back “it’s up to you” or “it’s whatever babe” tell her your favorite option and if you do not have one, put tip #1 in practice, and LISTEN to how she talks about the options to UNDERSTAND which one you think she would be the most happiest with. 😀 You will soon learn “a happy wife is a happy life” I PROMISE you, picking between dark navy or denim towels may seem like a small detail to you, but to her it is the foundation of the mood you are setting for your guest bathroom when the in-laws visit!



Wait? What am I asking you to do? Surprise her? You’re thinking “but I just did…with an engagement ring!” I know- BUT planning a wedding is stressful, especially if she is a perfectionist. When you notice she is starting to get stressed or taking on a lot, surprise her with a movie night, a pedicure or even schedule a night for her girlfriends to come get her and take her out. Sometimes we ladies just need to breathe and are not self-disciplined enough to do it. (Are you seeing how #1 is coming in to play… LISTEN to UNDERSTAND her needs. Once you see her needs are to relax, or go out and have fun- arrange it.) You are her HERO! Plan it out in advance or be spontaneous, believe me, planning a wedding- she could use a surprise anytime!



Not in the sense that you need to “live it up” before the big day, but enjoy these next months as you transition into being a husband. Decide what kind of husband you want to be. Set goals for yourself. The role of a husband is different from the role of the boyfriend. Now is the time to start your journey to winning husband of the year. A wedding is a day, a marriage is forever. Plan to be the husband you want to be for her!



There is nothing more beautiful than pure joy- Wrap her up like this in the everyday mundane and you will keep her forever. Marriage is not perfect, and the honeymoon will be over soon, learning to find joy in the everyday mundane will be key to a happily every after.

Love the Tux, Dress, Hair & Makeup?

Tux: Celebrity Tux & Tails

Dress: Grace Style & Bridal

Hair: Melissa Lynn

Makeup: Martha Valdovinos

Planning & Design: Desert Whim



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    Lovely tips for the groom! So nice to see some groom love going around! <3

  2. Great tips for the husband to be!

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