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Father-Daughter First Look! Why You Should Have One!

Feb 19, 2019

Father-Daughter First Look

He has seen her with a heart filled with joy and held her when she cried. He has logged many years focused on her happiness, worries, and he dreams for the best. She has shared countless stories with him, celebrated her wins and sought out his wisdom during her losses. Walking into the room, and seeing his daughter for the first time in her beautiful wedding gown, he embraces her. Tears of joy stream down their cheeks. A father-daughter first look is one of my top three favorite moments during a wedding day!

Wedding first look

Planning in your timeline a father-daughter first look is becoming more and more popular. I love father-daughter first looks for a few reasons:

As a Bride:

  • I love how brides take the time to show their father’s that they have had a priority role in their lives! Giving your dad the first look in your wedding dress before anyone else is quite special!
  • Nothing says “thank you” to your dad, more than setting aside this time for him to wish you the best in your journey! This small 5-15 minute window is such a great gift for him to really take in this milestone in your life.
  • It is a beautiful candid moment to have captured, and always have to cherish.

daddy daughter first look

From a Parent’s Perspective:

Wedding days are emotional. Your wedding day is the day that you will say your forever “I do.” Your father knows the struggles and bliss a lifetime of commitment can have. He only wants the healthiest marriage possible for his little girl’s future.  Which is all the more reason why I love father-daughter first looks!

  • As a parent, I understand the joys and challenges of raising children. I have two girls and I know there is nothing more that would give me peace & joy than to see them marry men that will fit the husband role as God intended.
  • Seeing the joy on your child’s face is hands down the BEST! One of the greatest gifts a parent can ask for!

Father daughter wedding day first look

If you haven’t considered a Father-Daughter First Look, be sure to decide if you think one would be right for you and your dad. You only get one wedding day, make the most out of it for those you love most!

Did you find this post useful? As a wedding photographer, I have learned so many wedding planning tips and tricks and I love to share! If you are a bride be sure to catch up on our other wedding planning materials HERE!

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