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Engagement Session: Do These 3 Things & You Will LOVE Your Photos!

Hello bride to be (or already Mrs)! As wedding photographers, we get so many questions around how couples can get the best photos from their Engagement Session and these same great questions can apply to Anniversary sessions! Through our experience, we have noticed 3 key factors that play a role in couples loving their photos! Use the below insider advice for your engagement or anniversary session and you will love your photos!

Anniversary & Engagement Sessions: Do These 3 Things & You Will LOVE Your Photos!

engagement session and anniversary session how to get images you love

#1 What You Wear For Your Anniversary or Engagement Session!

Choosing what to wear to your anniversary or engagement session, is going to be 80% of the deciding factor for if you love your photos or not. It is the one thing you can control that the wedding photographer cannot. Why is this so important? Because if you do not love what you are wearing, or how it does (or does not) flatter your features, you will not enjoy the images from your session!


Dressing for your Anniversary or Engagement Session

  • Read through the Style Guide your wedding photographer provides you so you can learn what looks best in camera and how to flatter your features!
  • Do not procrastinate choosing your outfits! If you need to go shopping this is well justified! You are only taking engagement photos once (anniversary session, I hope you take them more than once), but these images will live past your lifetime! These precious images of your love during this season will let your great grandchildren see that you had a fabulous taste in fashion!
  • Do not book your Engagement Session so quickly that you do not have time to shop or plan out your outfits. In the same thought, do not schedule your anniversary session so late that you are crunched on time as well! Give yourself time to enjoy this process so that you can have a picture perfect anniversary/engagement photos to show everyone!

what to wear for your engagement session

#2 Your Body Image

(This might tap into Anniversary Sessions a bit more if you have children)

Did You Know? Majority of women do not have professional images taken because of a feature they are self-conscious about? Don’t let a beautiful season in your life pass without being captured because of it!

If you are self-conscious about any of your features, you need to be honest with your photographer before your session! It is nothing to be embarrassed about! Unfortunately, Hollywood has it in our head that we need a 6 pack and killer legs to be beautiful, and honey that is not the case!

But I get it…you want to look your absolute best! Which is why I am going to be honest, in hopes that you will too! I am self-conscious about my upper arms, double chin when I look down, my lower tummy (after having two beautiful little girls, it’s not what it use to be), and my blinding white legs (this Arizona girl needs a bit more sun)!

Any area you may feel self-conscious about is not something to hide from your photographer! If you can share that upfront, your photographer can focus on posing you in ways that flatter (or hide) those areas! And believe me, you will love your images because of it! No photoshop needed!


Don’t let your body image control how you feel about your Anniversary or Engagement Session!

  • This is a big reason why it is essential to take your engagement photos with your wedding photographer. Learning these insights make a significant impact on not only your engagement photos but wedding images! (Check out our 3 Reasons to take Engagement Photos with Your Wedding Photographer Here!)
  • What you wear, can significantly impact most targeted self-conscious features (arms, legs, waistline). All the more reason to read the Style Guide, your wedding photographer, provides you! 😀
  • Remember no matter how you think you look…your fiancé (husband) loves you as is! And that is the most important thing!

AZ engagement session

#3 Being On Time & In a Great Mood!

To make the most out of your engagement or anniversary session, you want to ensure you are on time so you do not feel rushed, and in a great mood so that you can show real emotion during your session! Your session is an experience, and we want it to be a great one! The way you feel during your engagement session will play a big role in how you feel when you look at your images.


The best time management tips for your engagement or anniversary session!

  • Ladies, make sure your hair & makeup is completed an hour before you want to leave for your session!
  • Pack up what you are taking to your anniversary or engagement session the day before, to keep from a “quick” stop on the way, to grab something you might need. Leave 30 minutes early!
  • And for the great mood…make date night plans for after! You are already all dressed up so why not?! (For those you that are having an anniversary session, if you have young children…let’s be honest, now is the time to take advantage of the babysitter for a few more hours!)

Use these tips to make a difference in your session!

Rather you are recently engaged and preparing for your engagement session, or married for 20 years and taking your first ever, professional anniversary photos, I hope these tips have helped you! I promise, all the extra effort you put into choosing the right outfits, protecting your body image and being ready for your session will pay off!

what to do for your engagement session

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  1. Excellent tips! I love the one about not procrastinating when it comes to choosing your clothes! So important!

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  4. Fantastic tips for planning an engagement session – all equally important, for sure. I love the part about being in a good mood, especially.

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