how to choose the BEST wedding photographer

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer! 5 Tips!

how to choose the BEST wedding photographer

5 Tips: How to choose the right wedding photographer for you!

So you are starting to look for wedding photographers! Not only is the task overwhelming, but it will be one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding. (No pressure!) I do not just say this because I am a wedding photographer. I say it out of the experience of being a bride myself, and from what I hear during my clients’ anniversary sessions. That is why I am sharing five tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding day!

Consider how much you invest in your wedding, you need someone who can capture it all in a style you will love for generations to come! Besides living out your Vows every day, your wedding images will be what you have after your wedding day is over. They will bring joy to your walls as they hang as a daily reminder of your love and will bring smiles to your children as they admire your legacy of love.

How to choose the right wedding photographer for you:

#1 Visual Style

Do you like their style? Wedding Photographers Range from Dark & Moody to Bright & Airy! No matter the trend, will you love that style 50 years from now?

Have you ever looked back at a photo taken over 10 years ago, and wondered what in the world you were thinking?! I know I have! There was this time when monochromatic sepia was HUGE. Looking through photos captured during that trend, I am thankful I did not have my wedding photos in Sepia (even though there are a few, at least it was not the entire gallery). Will any of those once trendy sepia photos be hanging on my walls anytime soon…I think not!

Finding a wedding photographer that uses a color style that you see loving for decades to come and not just the “trend” is something any bride & groom should consider. Everyone has their taste and that is 100% okay! Just make sure you feel confident in your decision of how you want your image color to look!

#2 How the images make you feel

When you are looking through images from wedding photographers, you should ask yourself how they make you feel. Would you like pictures of your own personalities captured in the same way?

Example! I always photograph with a candid look in mind, aiming to capture a bride & groom’s true personalities as a couple. I love capturing a candid look because those expressions are what played a significant role in their commitment to take this journey as husband and wife! BUT I also take a few classic and more traditional images as well because I believe those are important. (Plus it always seems as if the parents and grandparents really want that one formal one of both smiling and looking straight into the camera! I call it the parent pose!)

When you are looking through a photographers images, make sure you can see yourself in those photos! Would you love them? If not, you will want to choose a photographer that has images that you can see yourself in!


#3 Choose the right Wedding Photographer: Personality

This is extremely important because your wedding photographer will be with you not only your entire wedding but leading up to your big day! (All the more reason to choose the right wedding photographer!)

How do they make you feel? How are they with communicating? Are they easy to talk to? Could you feel comfortable reaching out and asking questions? Do they genuinely care about your best interest?

Believe me, if you have a negative experience with a wedding photographer, you will more than likely think about that experience everytime you look at your wedding photos! YIKES!

You might not be able to decide this via email, you may need to set up a consultation meeting just to see if you feel you are a great fit. A one-hour consultation meeting “just to make sure” is so much better than investing in the wrong wedding photographer. (If you are curious about what to expect at my Free Wedding Consultation Meetings, you can read about it here!)

#4 Choose the right Wedding Photographer: Experience

You need a photographer that is experienced and can handle everything a wedding day can through their way! Someone that can think fast on their feet, get group participation and stay on time so that your day runs smoothly! During my consultations I share how I do this. But if my style or investment is not a great fit for you, and you are seeking out another wedding photographer, be sure to ask them to share some situations where things did not go as planned on a wedding day. Then listen intently to their response. You want a photographer that does not blame others, but shares solutions. Someone that can see disaster before it happens and is flexible to prevent it. Someone who puts the bride & groom’s desires priority (and not the over opinionated parent). You want a wedding photographer that you can feel confident in!

#5 Your Wedding Photography Budget!

I am really passionate about couples not entering debt just to pay for a wedding! Finance is a leading cause of strain in marriages and starting your journey with as less debt as possible is essential. (This is coming from the same girl that sold her camera gear to pay for her own wedding photos! You can read a bit about that on my About Page.)

If you are able to afford a photographer that meets all 4 things listed above,  book them ASAP because wedding seasons book up far in advance, and you do not want to miss your opportunity!

If you are having troubles finding the right wedding photographer in your budget. You might see if you can cut costs that are not necessary for your wedding. (I have an article on 3 Tips to Less Stress Wedding Planning that covers what your budget focus should be. This might help determine what you might be able to cut.)

Another consideration is to find a wedding photographer that could be available for fewer hours of coverage. Really limiting your priorities of what you want captured. Choosing the right wedding photogrpaher for 4-6 hours coverage is better than the wrong wedding photographer for 10 hours! Just keep in mind that most wedding photographers book up quickly on weekends. You might have a higher response rate if you have a week day or off season wedding date.

I hope that this blog post will help you choose the right wedding photographer for your big day! We believe every brides’ wedding planning journey should be less stress and more fun!

We would love to see if we are a great fit to capture your big day! Inquire Here and let’s chat!

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