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Bridal Shower vs Wedding Shower? PLUS! How To Prep Your Host!

What is the difference between a Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower?

When you are about 4 months away from your wedding, there is the talk of main events that sometimes leave a bride curious on what they should do! One thing a modern bride questions, is the difference between a bridal shower & wedding shower?

difference between bridal and wedding showers

Bridal Shower

Traditionally, this is a shower to provide the bride with things that she will use as a wife.

Who should host?

Maid of Honor, bridal party or close friend

Who should be invited?

A smaller group of close family & friends of the Bride.

What gifts are appropriate?

Bride focused gifts. Think jewelry, lingerie, perfume, recipe books, kitchen items and other like items are all considered appropriate gifting categories.

Wedding Shower

Traditionally, this is a shower for both the bride & groom.

Who should be invited?

Family and friends of the bride & groom.

Who should host?

Maid of Honor, bridal party or close friend

Who should be invited?

Family, friends, and co-workers (optional) of the bride & groom.

What gifts are appropriate?

Gifts for this shower are focused on gifting for the couples home. Small to largely sized gifts are acceptable. Majority of couples prefer to create a gift registry for guest to purchase from. (Needing tips on how to create a wedding registry that guests will buy from? You can find that blog post Here!)

Now that you have a definition of a Bridal and Wedding Shower, you will want to know how to best prep your Hostess!

How to Prep your Host for your shower!

If your host is not throwing you a surprise shower… here are:

5 tips to help prep your host!

  1. Share what you type of Shower(s) you prefer.
  2. Provide your host with date(s) and time(s) that work best for you.
  3. Give your host addresses for those you would like invitations extended to. (If you specifically do not want a certain person invited, please share that with your host.)
  4. If you have been dreaming of your shower, and have certain expectations, please express those to your host. Remember not to be demanding, but do not expect your host to be a mind reader.
  5. Give your host your gift registry information.
  6. BONUS! Provide your host with a genuine “thank you” at your shower. A lot of hard work and finances goes into putting a shower together. Providing a handwritten note, public appreciation and/or little gift helps to show your true appreciation.

Did you find this post useful? As a wedding photographer, I have learned so many wedding planning tips and tricks and I love to share! If you are a bride be sure to catch up on our other wedding planning materials HERE!

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