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January 26, 2018

Arizona Sunset Elopement- Carissa & Freddie

Moments before the sun set on the desert horizon, it filled everything around it with a beautiful golden glow. The warm light softly kissed the background as Carissa & Freddie joined hands. With years of love between them, and their eagerness to start a new chapter in their journey, Carissa and Freddie stepped into marriage.

A desert elopement filled with joy, laughter and true beauty!

A special note…

Your elopement was the hardest secret for me to keep! THE HARDEST!!!! As soon as you reached out I was ecstatic! So incredibly happy for you both!


From the first time we met during your maternity session, I knew you were truly amazing! As your photographer, you have shared such major, special moments of your life, allowing me to capture them. These moments have been the biggest privilege!!! It was after your elopement that we shared how we all feel like family now! Being there to capture these BIG moments in your life, and getting to know you and Freddie, left me feeling like a VIP on your list! I love that you do not want any of these special moments to be missed! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture the now, so you can have your precious, cherished moments to share with generations to come. I expect once your new house is built, that you will have all these beautiful memories decorating your walls- bringing added joy into your home.


I will never forget watching you in the hospital as you welcomed Carter into the family! It was not just seeing how you love Carter & Kendrick…there was more! Watching you and Carissa…I knew you two were blessed with a deep, beautiful love for each other! And then, you proved even more so, when you reached out to me prior to your elopement. You wanted to ensure Carissa had the beautiful bouquet she wanted for her wedding day. She was your priority in such a romantic way.


The two of you already have such a legacy of love. Praying for a LIFETIME of joyfulness, growing love and many more precious moments throughout your journey in marriage! I can’t wait to see what your futures bring!














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Loving Carissa’s beautiful bouquet?!

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