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Something old new borrowed and blue

All you Need to Know About Choosing Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Apr 16, 2019

Curious on how to choose “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for your wedding day? Let me start by saying, that this was not a tradition that I did as a bride! However, after photographing multiple weddings with brides who keep with this tradition…I wish I would have! Photographing these traditional items has become one of our favorite parts of the wedding day to capture! Here we learn beautiful stories & get to capture items that remain closest to our couple’s hearts! Which is why we are sharing All You Need to Know When Choosing Something Old, New Borrowed & Blue for your wedding day!

all you need to know about something old new borrowed and blue

Something Old

It is always fun to see the different ideas and items that brides use to bring this tradition to life on their big day. I find that most brides have strong sentimental connections with their “something old” which represents continuity.

Some of my favorites include: great grandma’s wedding dress cut up in pieces to use as a handkerchief for her wedding day, wedding rings handed down from multiple generations,  and a wedding veil that was over 57 years old, still being worn by every bride in the family! There are so many options available for a bride to wear/carry on her big day!

something borrowed

Top 3 things to consider when choosing your something old:

1. Is there already something you know of? Something of tradition or sentimental value that you would like to wear on your wedding day?

2. What have the generations of women in your family worn on their big day?

3. What is something you might like your future daughter(s) or daughter-in-law(s) to wear on their big day?

Something New

something new

Representing the couple creating a new union that will last for ever. The something new will be worn or carried to symbolize optimism for your future. Jewelry & shoes are a wonderful “something new” that a bride can use for her wedding day. Some of my favorite something new items include special gifts from the groom, bride’s family or even soon to be in-laws.

Top 3 things to consider when choosing your something new:

1. What can you add to your attire that you do not already have?

2. What would you love to wear on your wedding day? (Great excuse to buy it!)

3. Please do not assume your groom or family will be surprising you with something new to wear on your big day. Be prepared to have your own something new.

Something Borrowed

mother's wedding ring wore on wedding day

Now before you just borrow from anyone…the tradition behind something borrowed, is that you are borrowing from someone who has had a long and successful marriage! When you wear something borrowed, it is symbolizing that you are “borrowing” that bride’s marital happiness. Again this can be jewelry, something that can wrap around your bouquet and even something pinned to the inside of your dress! One of my favorites was a bride who wore her mother’s wedding ring on her right hand during her wedding day.

Top 3 things to consider when choosing your something borrowed:

1. Who do you know that you feel would be a fabulous marriage mentor? This can be family or friends.

2. How would you like to wear this item? Physically wear it such as a necklace or pin it to your dress/bouquet?

3. Is there a story behind what you are borrowing? Those seem to be the best!

Something Blue

Something Blue

Stands for loyalty, faith, truth and wisdom. This is where I see brides get the most creative! From blue being a wedding color choice, written words in blue ink on the bottom of shoes, to their undergarments, blue is usually one of the easiest and most creative items traditionally worn by the bride on her wedding day.

I have several favorite something blues! My top two would have to be a blue heart sewn into our bride’s wedding dress- with her late father’s written note “love, daddy” on it. And a handkerchief that had been worn by all past generation brides’ of the family. It was pinned inside our bride’s wedding dress by her soon to be mother-in-law on the day of her wedding.

Top 3 things to consider when choosing your something blue:

1. Is there something that is blue that is also your old, new or borrowed?

2. What can you use that is blue that can be pinned to your dress or worn, that is a great reminder of what the color symbolizes?

3. Is there something that other brides in your family (or in-laws) have worn that is blue, that you want to keep in the tradition?

Sixpence For Her Shoe

something blue shoes for wedding

British coin that symbolizes prosperity. This is to be worn as she walks down the aisle in her left shoe. Although this is a tradition that is more common in Britain, some brides opt in to carrying the tradition here in the US.

Top 2 things to consider with a sixpence for your shoe:

  1. You can buy these online on Amazon.
  2. If you think it would be uncomfortable to wear it in your shoe, you can tape it to the bottom of your shoe’s arch.

Wishing you all the best as you decide what your perfect something old, new, borrowed and blue will be for your big day! There truly is no wrong answer to what these items can be, as long as they are of importance to you! Enjoy choosing these special items and happy wedding planning!

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