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Less Stress Wedding Planning: 3 Tips for Brides!

3 Tips for the bride who wants to enjoy less stress wedding planning!

As a bride, there are so many choices coming your way that can quickly take the fun out of your engagement and create stressful wedding planning! Which is why I am dedicating this post to all the brides who would like to have less stress wedding planning!

stress free wedding planning

#1 Keep it simple with the 80/20 rule!

My favorite tip is the 80/20 rule! If you remember one piece of advice, this is the one! Only 20% of choices that come your way as you plan your big day are going to make a difference! With the 80/20 rule, you want to focus on the 20% of options that will make up 80% of your wedding day! Out of all the choices you have, most brides can sum up their necessary decisions all on one hand! Curious what these decision categories are?


Rather you are going small and intimate, or the sky is the limit, understanding your budget and sticking to it will save you a lot of stress. Again focus on the 80/20 rule. 80% of your budget should go towards the 20% of investments that matter to you! Plus you will enjoy a marriage that does not start with wedding day debt!

Wedding Party:

Who you have in your wedding will be something you always remember and should be those that you love the most! Yes, this is a time to pick favorites, you know you have them!


Your wedding venue will be significant due to location, wedding size accommodation, budget, and creating the vibe you want for your wedding.


You can have the BEST wedding and you should! It can be a small elopement or the talk of the town, but if you do not have a photographer there to capture the emotion and your big day unfolding…you will have lost moments that can never be genuinely recreated! One of the biggest regrets I hear during anniversary sessions is that a couple cut their photography budget for their wedding and over the years, have only had a few low quality images to share with their children and grandchildren.

Wedding Dress:

I am sure no matter what wedding gown you wear, your groom will be so in love with how beautiful you are! BUT! It is so critical that you LOVE how you look on your wedding day! If a bride does not feel beautiful in her gown, it will not matter that others tell her she is beautiful. It will truly affect how she feels on her big day!

Everything else…do not stress! Make your choice and move on because I promise your peace of mind is way more important than the detailed decisions that brides face every day!

#2 Do activities outside of wedding planning!

This can be with your fiancé or your girlfriends! You can even make it fun and create a Bride Bucket List! This will help you remember to live life still and not get caught up in wedding planning! Doing activities you love, will help give yourself a mental/emotional break from planning.

#3 Book vendors you will enjoy working with!

Your vendors are your “go to” during your wedding planning process! Hiring a vendor that you will like, are comfortable with, and have confidence in, will be a game changer in your less stress wedding planning journey! I say this because I have seen so many brides stressed & worried if one of their vendors would show up, because they had not heard from them since paying their deposit! The last thing you want as a bride is to worry about your investment in bridal services!


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